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This is a list of DreLaylow’ latest music releases (including features) in order from most recent to least recent.

Neva78:Fi Pès - EP

DreLaylow & VonExodus team up for a sequel to their EP Neva78 and deliver two new songs; Avocado, and Bruce Lee Roy.

Click here to listen

Magic City (feat. Noblock King Jah) - Single

The song 'Magic City (feat. King Jah)' by DreLaylow is a raw and unfiltered commentary on the gritty urban life, where surviving the streets is the only game in town. With a vivid portrayal of the strip club culture, gang violence, and 'get rich or die trying' ethos, DreLaylow chronicles the life of ordinary people engaged in extraordinary struggles. Click here to listen

Rodeo - Single

'Rodeo' by DreLaylow is an anthem of defiance, resilience and success, placing the artist's journey from obscurity to recognition center stage. DreLaylow asserts his dominance, likening his unstoppable momentum to a rodeo, brimming with raw power and excitement. The lyrics address naysayers and doubters, asserting that he's always been working hard and 'grinding' even if others lied about it. Click here to listen

Pardon My Back - Single

'Pardon My Back' by DreLaylow is a hard-hitting song with an assertive storyline. The song seems to portray the artist's defiance and resilience against those who have wronged him, with the repeating phrase 'pardon my back' reflecting an attitude of moving forward and leaving negativity behind. The artist talks about overcoming adversity, maintaining his spirit despite being taken advantage of and facing false promises. Click here to listen

Miami Conspiracy - Money (feat. DreLaylow) - Single

Miami Conspiracy and DreLaylow are back with another collab! Their last collab “Don’t Give Up” won Best Rock Band at the 2022 Indie Music Channel Awards so you know to expect more greatness with this song! With this blend of English, Portugese, and Haitian Creole rapping this song will leave your head nodding and chanting “I wanna my money!” Click here to listen

Halibut (feat. Jay Vilpin) - Single

DreLaylow's 'Halibut' is a raw, unapologetic track about living life with no regrets, doing things just for the sake of it, and embracing a 'couldn't care less' attitude. The lyrics detail the wild side of life, including sex, drugs, and flaunting one's wealth. The song also touches upon the importance of loyalty and standing up for oneself. Click here to listen

Out of Control (feat. T Black) - Single

DreLaylow's 'Out of Control' is a vivid depiction of his life's journey, his struggles, aspirations, and his rise in the music industry. The song is filled with powerful imagery that encapsulates the artist's life experiences and perspectives. DreLaylow also shares some moments of humor and romantic escapades, adding to the complexity of his character.  Click here to listen

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